Apple poking fun at themselves – NEVER!

Apple have chaged their homepage to include a picture of the (in)famous white iPhone 4. Mst amusing is the very simple strap line


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MacBook Air Parody

Have a fat laptop, want an untra thin one without shelling out a ton of money?  post on youtube could help you shed those laptop pounds easily with thsii laptop training programme.

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Foxconn Employees Collared

April 28, 2011 1 comment

We all love it when something is leaked on the internet. Thanks to a a few crafty Foxconn employees we were all blessed with a early lead regarding the shape and size of the iPad 2. Some say it wasn’t worth it. The employees may not think so either

As reported from DigiTmes

Several online shopping retailers in China were able to sell iPad 2′s protective case products before the iPad 2 was even launched, leading Foxconn to suspect that there might have been some employees leaking the design of iPad 2 which it reported to the local police. The local police on December 26, 2010, arrested three employees that were suspected of leaking the design, and officially charged the three employees for violating the company’s trade secrets on March 23, 2011, the reported added.

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Blogsy – Is this the next generation of blogging app at last?

April 28, 2011 1 comment

From the lack of recent posts on this blog you can see that I have got off to a very slow start to say the least!

This is in some part due to the lack of decent blogging apps available for iOS devices. As described in my about page, I am trying to run, update and manage my blog entirely from my iPad (first generation) and iPhone 4.

After a start with the free offering from WordPress that was so unsuccessful due to the fact it crashed so many times it was practically unusable. Then I moved on and ponied up for Blogpress which was more stable but I just didn’t like the constant fight I had with it regarding images etc.

So on I have moved to Blogsy

This is my first post using the app and I will one again try to keep the posts flowing along with a number of updates to this review.So far so good, the website offers a few short and concise tutorial videos to get you going, all very easy if you are a seasoned blogger. But, if like me you are more used to reading than blogging they should prove very helpful.

The app is on offer for £1.79 ($2.99) due to the fact that it is still an early release with a. Few bugs to be ironed out. From what I can tell the developers have been very busy on the blogs and have actively been responding to a number of the comments left by readers, regarding bugs and possible enhancements. Long may this continue as feedback is a very important part of any app development and can mean make or break. Oh, also the devs commented that there is still no upload from a local picture library but this is on the way.

Please feel free to leave comments regarding your experiences good and bad about the app.

Well I have been using it for a couple of days now and I have to say it is pretty good. this is of course compared to the poor competition. It has crashed a number of times as reported by other users but as per the devs comments when the app restarts all is not lost.
In fact I would go so far as to say it is probably easier to use for a simple post that the actual website, of course it does have its limits though. I had to log into the WP website a number of times to set things up, most of which were me playing with the option ion the website though, When it comes to adding images the app is probably easier as there is no messing around with uploads and a side bar can be used to drag and drop. More to follow…….

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Steve Won’t Answer, Bob Sells up

Here is a bit of putting 2 and 2 together and possibly getting 5.

In a recent interview Lord Jobs would not commit an answer to when he was expected (or if) to return to running the ship full time.

Next thing we know is that SVP Bob Mansfield sells up 99% of his shares for a paltry $13.7 million

Do we have a announcement due soon?

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Ipad hits the consumer PC and Netbook Market

So called ‘expert’ analysis company Canalys have to day issued a web perss release stating that the PC market grew 7% in Q1 2011. these figures hover, include the hugely successful Apple Ipad (which some suggest should not be included in this category – your thoughts?)

Part of the overall sales included 6.4 millions tablet shipments of which the iPad was responsible for 74%. I am surprised by this figure because it means that 26% (1.6 million) people have bought the wrong device.

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So, what’s this blog all about?

Well as a self confessed fanboy I am trying to get all the digital aspects of my life to work with Apple products.

With the number of fantastic products apple produce you would have thought this to be an easy task. This is definitely not the case.

As a mobile worker who has been given a company laptop to uses in the field i am left wanting much more. The Dell machine I have is perfectly capable of doing all the necessary tasks I am required to complete. These range from online customer visit reports, general spreadsheets and exchange access.

There are a number of problems with the current machine however. The thing is as big as woolly mammoth and about as quick. Oh, and did I mention unreliable. We have a BT connected Hauwei modem using BT access manager to connect. UNRELIABLE to the point of unusable.

In this blog (my first) I will be looking to keep you up to date with some of the relevant Apple news and reviews from the point of a mobile worker. And, it is my intention to only update and administer this blog using my IPhone 4 and first generation iPad ONLY (this will be the difficult part I think).

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